Online/Zoom Interviews

Online Interviews THUMBThe world is changing and heading online more than ever. As a job seeker, you may be invited to a virtual job interview.

Tri-County Literacy Council is happy to offer a new program called “Online Interviews”, as part of its virtual training series. Learn how to participate in a Zoom meeting and prepare for a virtual job interview, so that you can comfortably focus on the conversation during the actual interview. This program will help you gain confidence when it comes to:

  • using your computer’s audio/video equipment,
  • setting up your interview environment,
  • seeing yourself and speaking on camera,
  • using basic Zoom features, and
  • avoiding mistakes.

You will also benefit from reviewing good job interviewing practices and meeting a partnering employment resource centre representative.

online learningThis online course is taught via Zoom (videotelephony and online chat service). If you have access to a computer (with camera and microphone), an Internet connection, email address, and basic computer skills (ex: knowledge of saving files and emailing), this training is for you.



Courses are offered at various times of the year, depending on labour conditions and learner needs. Call 613-932-7161, for more information.

A few words from our learners

“Hi my name is Susan C. I just got a job as a Peer Support Worker in the Mental Health Sector. I am so thrilled and grateful!! I have taken several courses with Tri-County Literacy Council and every one of those courses came into play with my interview and my job tasks. For example, Zoom Interviewing, Communications, writing a cover letter, Healthcare Assistant, how to work with others. You will always learn something from these courses. They are free. You get to be with wonderful teachers that care that you succeed in life. You get to meet new people in your class and you are never too old to start. Look up Tri-County Literacy Council and see what next course they are holding. It might help you get that next job!! Just like me! Take a chance, you have nothing to lose.” – Susan C.

“I was looking to learn more about Zoom because it is everywhere including being used for medical appointments which is a good reason to learn to use the program. While in the second week of the course, coincidently, I was invited to an online interview. I was so glad I took this class! It empowered me to be comfortable and able to focus on the interview.” -Marj

“Although I took the course to learn about Zoom, I learned a lot about online interviews and I can use these skills in other ways (example: volunteering on a committee or for meetings). I learned that Zoom can do much more than chat. My favorite part of the program was practicing the online interviews. What a lesson.”
– Daniel

“Seeing as how things have changed and are changing because of Covid, learning how to use Zoom seems to be a good and valuable skill to learn to prepare for the future. For me, the most important thing I gained was confidence to be on camera and being able to see myself and not panic. When you’re ‘forced’ to do something, you do it. And hopefully, with time and practice, get used to it. It’s still not my preferred choice to be on camera, but I’m mostly unbothered by it. The very best thing is to not have anxiety from fear of it.”
– Nancy

“… the program helped me become comfortable with the camera. My favorite part of the program was when all students participated in an interview in front of everyone. Everything was simple and quite easy to understand. Our instructor made sure that we understood everything. And at the same time provided us with extra information to complete the course (example: links to videos or websites for extra help). All in all, it was a good experience.”
– Vandana