Retail Associate

retailThumbnailLearn to be successful in the retail industry and build your employment portfolio with this certificate program. This course is ideal for anyone planning to work at a retail business such as a clothing or grocery store.

A variety of learners, including those planning to enter the workforce for the first time, people changing careers, and individuals wishing to strengthen Essential Skills will benefit from this course. Topics and course offerings include:

  • The World of Retail
  • Customer Service
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Store Procedures
  • Health and Safety
  • Guest speakers
  • Site visit (for in-person training)


Courses are offered at various times of the year, depending on labour conditions and learner needs. Call 613-932-7161, for more information.


A few words from our learners

“I was in the same position as you… just call because everyone that works there is great – non-judgemental and they do everything in their power to help you.”
-Lori Menard (hired at a retail store)

“A big thank you to the staff at Tri-County Literacy Council – especially to the instructor. I had a great time taking the Retail Associate class. I learned a lot of new things and it made me more confident about myself. I definitely recommend this course. It’s worth it.”
-Julie Lafleche (hired at a flower shop)

“I was a stay-at-home mom – feeling very discouraged about finding employment. I feel confident now. I have a full-time job… I loved it (the training atmosphere). Our instructor took her time and made sure we understood everything she taught us. Go for it. They are very kind, understanding people who aren’t there to judge you. They are there to help.”
-Amanda Denneny (hired at a retail store)

“It helped me with my math. At first, I could barely figure out how many hours equaled how much money I’d make. So I’m proud of myself for staying in the course.”
-Michelle Hagen

“The Retail Associate training has helped me break out of my shell and has helped me to start conversations, instead of waiting for the other party to start the conversation. These skills are definitely needed when you work with the public.”

“I was full of anxiety at the thought of working as a Retail Associate. But I signed up to test my comfort levels… Today, I am confident and knowledgeable about the Retail Industry. I have gained skills that will help me in the future. I am no longer full of anxiety at the thought of working a retail job.”
-John Gilmour