cashier THUMBBusinesses are looking to hire cashiers who are good with people and handle money accurately. In this free, hands-on training program, you will learn to:

  • present a welcoming image,
  • provide great customer service,
  • communicate effectively,
  • use a Point-of-Sale (POS) system, and
  • maintain a balanced float.

This certificate program also includes meeting industry guest speakers.

A variety of learners, including those planning to enter the workforce for the first time, people changing careers, and individuals wishing to strengthen Essential Skills will benefit from this course.


Courses are offered at various times of the year, depending on labour conditions and learner needs. Call 613-932-7161, for more information.


A few words from our learners

“I feel more confident in my role as a Cashier in my volunteer job (refreshed my math skills). It helped me understand the importance of the client shopping experience and how my attitude can make/break a shopper’s day. Originally, I worried the course would be a bit boring as there was a variety of learning styles in the class. I will now say that my thinking was WRONG! I really enjoyed the other learners and am happy I was able to lend a hand now and again when the instructor needed it. Course well delivered!” – Margaret Dobson-Reilly

“This training helped me to be more confident with working with money and doing float sheets and bank deposits.” -Jennifer Vipond

“I was at home getting very stressed, not being able to find work. I felt taking the Cashier certificate program would help with my skills, keep me busy, and assist with finding employment. I feel I was successful and enjoyed the program very much. The skills greatly helped me to feel better about myself, building my self-esteem, and happy to say I found gainful employment. Thank you so very much!” – Diana Gensale