Microsoft Word

MSwordThumbLearn to use Microsoft® Word to create professional-looking documents, whether to learn office skills for employment, develop your resume, or create advertising materials for your business. This powerful word processing / desktop publishing program is a must. Topics include:

  • Computer Basics Review
  • Keyboarding for Touch Typing
  • The Word Interface
  • Features
  • Formatting Documents
  • Saving Files

If you’re a job seeker, know that most employers require you to provide them an electronic resume.

Take advantage of free, quality instruction guided and supported by a knowledgeable instructor.

This online course (certificate program) is taught via Zoom (an easy-to-use online platform). If you have access to a computer (with camera and microphone), an Internet connection, email address and basic computer skills, this training is for you.


Courses are offered at various times of the year, depending on labour conditions and learner needs. Call 613-932-7161, for more information.

A few words from our learners

“My main goal for taking MS Word was to learn how to do my own resume. I had no knowledge whatsoever of the many tasks I could perform using a computer. I didn’t know where to begin until I came across a pamphlet from Tri-County Literacy Council located in the Resource section of Job Zone. I immediately telephoned and was eventually accepted into the course. I learned how to make and complete my own resume, reference list and job search table to record my active search. Upon completing my resume, the very same day, I circulated it to many businesses and within 3 weeks was offered employment in a garden center. I begin work at the end of the month. I now have the knowledge and confidence to work in MS Word thanks to Tri-County Literacy Council.”
-Suzanne Marie Currie

“I have been out of work for over six months. This class has showed me better ways to find work (how to make a better resume, customize it for different jobs, how to word it properly, things I should and shouldn’t say/do, as well as a better way to present myself). I also learned about helpful online resources.”
-Alan M

“I have been out of the workforce for over 10 years. This course not only gave me a newfound confidence but also helped me with transferable skills. This was not just a computer course. It taught me about interviews (practiced) and will help with future employment.”
-Melanie Hopkins