Basic Computer

Basic Computer THUMBNAILLearn or upgrade your computer skills, in this free training program – Computer Use being 1 of the 9 Essential Skills identified by the Government of Canada as necessary for success at  work and in daily life. Topics include:

  • Keyboarding for Touch Typing
  • Using a mouse
  • Understanding the desktop
  • Searching the World Wide Web
  • Online safety
  • Saving & managing files
  • Free online resources
  • Free community resources


Courses are offered at various times of the year, depending on labour conditions and learner needs. Call 613-932-7161, for more information.

A few words from our learners

“I was sending out unformatted resumes prior to this course and was discouraged with my job search. The teacher was able to pick out why I wasn’t getting any responses (she taught me how to put my resume in PDF). I had my first interview before the course ended.”
– Pam Chretien

“If I could walk in that door, anybody can! There was very little stress (i.e. exams). I didn’t feel incompetent and the whole process was welcoming. I have gained confidence that I previously lacked. Instead of being intimidating, I find myself getting excited about being able to access all of this knowledge at my fingertips (mouse).”
– Lynette Burnie

“(The course) is well put together, simple to understand and very rewarding. It’s hard to believe it’s free.”
– Jim Fedrock

“This (course) was the answer to my prayers. I knew nothing about computers. I was never able to use my degrees (outdated now) because of my inability to use a computer.”
-Eve Rafuse

“I can now operate a computer which is a blessing, because I was completely computer illiterate. Now I can search the Internet, email, and job search, etc.”
-Dale Dennison

“I truly enjoyed taking the Basic Computer course. I learned that a computer can be the best information at the touch of a button. It helped me learn how to sign up for my own Outlook account, save files, and go online to search for a new job. I have more confidence in using my home computer now. The class was small and more personal. Our teacher was very helpful and willing to answer any questions we had.”
-Candy Rediker

“It (the course) exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect it to be so complete.”
-Marie Decelles

“The teacher is awesome and did a great job. Keep up the good work.”
-Kim Lenneau

“This gave me the basics to use a computer, so I can move on to an on-line course.”
-Michelle Rideout