Communication Counts

ccThumbCommunication is an essential part of life.  People have different ideas and beliefs that can cause conflict and at times make it impossible to come to an agreement.  It can also damage relationships at home or work. Communication can bring forth positive change and new ideas.

Improve your communication skills in a safe learning environment, with this free training program. Topics include:

  • Identifying your Communication Style
  • Body Language
  • Handling Feedback
  • Assertiveness
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Rights at Work
  • Working Through Conflict


Courses are offered at various times of the year, depending on labour conditions and learner needs. Call 613-932-7161, for more information.

A few words from our learners

“I was very impressed with the Communication Counts course. I found the mock interview very helpful, especially the original tips I received from the Scotiabank guest speaker (ex: the importance of following up with the interviewer). This inspired me to write a follow-up letter to the hiring manager that had interviewed me. When she called, she said my letter had touched her heart. I was hired within the hour. I’m so happy. I have a full-time job with benefits and I love my manager. We have no personality conflicts (I usually don’t get along with female managers).” -Claudine

“This workshop really helped me in understanding different aspects of communication and how to address them. I have my own fears of communication which were affecting me in growing. This 2-week workshop, where we had different topics addressed everyday, gave me an opportunity to analyze myself and my shortcomings so I can work on them. Specifically, we had one where we discussed anger and conflict of opinion… It (the workshop) boosted my confidence and helped me overcome my fears. I was doubting my strengths as I felt nothing is in place. After this workshop, I sit back, relax, and start working on things strategically.” – Roofia Zohaib

“I have learned how to communicate on a better level with people and how to have more of a positive conversation. It’s also helped me work better on myself.” – Rachel Lalonde

“Communication Counts was a free, 2-week online learning experience where you got to learn more about yourself (i.e. comfort zones, anger triggers, behaviour types, communication styles), and learn to communicate assertively and respectfully. As a college graduate, continuing my education is important. Communication strategies are fundamental to finding employment. The training has helped me learn what I need to work on and how to best approach communication barriers.” – Lisanne Belair

“… The training taught me how to communicate more effectively. For example, dealing with anger, how to handle stress.” – Barbara Breslow