FREE Courses

Tri-County Literacy Council offers a variety of FREE training programs in the setting and environment that best suit your learning style and goals.

“A friendly, non-judgemental, helpful, and more private place to enjoy learning.” More specifically, we offer:

One-on-One Tutoring

Trained volunteers are matched with learners who require individualized instruction. Like volunteers, learners indicate their preferences in terms of:

  • desired location of tutoring  (learner/volunteer home or neutral location including the offices of Tri-County Literacy Council)
  • male/female tutor
  • smoking/non-smoking
  • preferred days and times to meet
  • skills required etc.

Matches made are based on suitability and not a first come first served basis. Tutoring is free and confidential. It is intended especially for learners unable to attend the times of traditional training, or who may have emotional/social issues associated with returning to an educational program. Some learners have special learning needs that can be best accommodated by trained tutors. This is especially true when the learner needs assistance with specific skills related to their employment. Other learners may simply require confidentiality.

Small Group Classroom

Small groups offer students the opportunity to work towards goals in a non-intimidating classroom setting. Classes usually consist of 10 students, allowing for group and individual instruction.

Teamwork encourages students to develop communication skills and to work successfully with others.

Students can join the class at any time.


As digital literacy has been identified as one of the 9 Essential Skills necessary for success at work and in daily life, e-Learning is incorporated in many Tri-County Literacy Council programs. Depending on the program you are taking, supportive online training may be part of your program.

For those interested in more in-depth computer training, Tri-County Literacy Council offers a variety of computer courses. For more information, click “Computer Training” under the Free Courses tab.

All programs are free. Call 613-932-7161 for more information.