Sample Form Elements

marie_leftThis area of the website is dedicated to the “Home & Not Alone (HANA) – Computer Connections for Isolated Seniors” project – a user manual developed to teach seniors 65+ how to use a computer and the World Wide Web to stay in touch, with family, friends, and community.

The following are Sample Form Elements related to the above-mentioned manual.

This form consists of text boxes to be filled in by typing words in them. (Click in the box and start typing.) The first three boxes are limited in space. The “Comment” box allows more words to be typed in.

Please note that an email address MUST be exact and contain the @ symbol. A website address must also be exact.

The rest of the form includes choices to be clicked.

Fields marked “(required)” are mandatory and must be answered.

To send the form, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

 These check boxes allow you to make more than one choice.