Basic Form Exercise

Welcome senior computer user.marie_leftLearning to fill out online forms will be very helpful, especially when you want to sign up for free offers such as an email account.

In this exercise you will practice how to fill in a form using:

  • text areas
  • drop down menus
  • submit button

Notice that some of the questions in the form must be answered (required). If you forget to answer the question, when you try to submit the form, you will receive an ERROR! message which will show which answer was missed (in red). Find the missed question, provide an answer and Submit the form again. When you have completely filled out the form, the list of questions and your answers will appear showing MESSAGE SENT at the top. (If you click Back, this brings you to the original blank form.)

Follow the instructions provided in the manual to fill out the form below.

The information you provide will be passed on to our funder, in order to measure the project’s success.