hanaCoverTri-County Literacy Council developed a user manual for seniors 65+ to self-learn how to use a computer and the World Wide Web to stay in touch with family, friends, and community. This project is called Home and Not Alone (HANA) – Computer Connections for Isolated Seniors and was funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Manual topics (which are based on free online programs and websites) include:

  • Email (electronic mail)
  • Saving photos and other files
  • Video calling
  • Viewing the world by virtual globe (including street view) and live website cameras
  • Booking medical laboratory tests (shorter wait times)
  • Searching the World Wide Web
    • games
    • recipes
    • movies
    • shows
  • Online Security
  • Where to use a computer and Internet service for free
  • And more

Seniors who received a free computer manual agreed to provide feedback on their learning experience (by online surveys or phone) – a requirement of the project’s funder.

As part of this project, seniors may also apply to:

  • Borrow a laptop from Tri-County Literacy Council, in order to decide if they would like to buy a computer in the future (Internet service will be needed to do the manual’s exercises)
  • Be matched with a one-on-one tutor, should they want help with this learning experience

PLEASE NOTE: All free copies of the manual have been given away.

Seniors home, but not alone, in Cornwall
Standard-Freeholder article – January 28, 2015