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September 28, 2011 – Literacy Key to Excelling at Work, No Safe Haven for People with Low Literacy Skills

… Businesses of all descriptions benefit in countless ways by utilizing a workforce with strong literacy skills, research shows. “The Conference Board [of Canada] has done a lot of research to demonstrate that employees who have strong literacy and essential skills can help businesses to be more profitable and more productive,” says Linda Shohet, executive director of the Centre for Literacy in Montreal. “For instance, these employees can help reduce error rates, or can be retrained more quickly. There’s also strong evidence that businesses that support literacy and essential skills training can count on a more loyal, creative and resourceful staff.”

“Quite often, the literacy and communications skills of an applicant are deciding factors in the decision to hire,” says Shohet. “[But] they also have to recognize that learning does not end when schooling ends. They must be willing to embrace learning and work to continuously maintain and improve their literacy and essential skills.” Read Full Article