Tri-County Literacy Council volunteers support the agency in the following positions.

One-on-One Tutor
Volunteer tutors are trained to work one-on-one with learners to improve their literacy skills using interesting and relevant materials and techniques. Adult volunteers from our community are needed to assist adult learners with reading, writing, basic math and computer skills.

Training is offered to volunteers who are then matched with students and/or with a training program. A hands-on training course gives them the skills and techniques they need to feel comfortable in their role as a tutor. The tutors are provided with a strong support system, regular monitoring, and individual consultation to ensure satisfaction and success. Training includes topics such as:

  • Characteristics of the Adult Learner
  • Tutor/Learner Motivation
  • Alpha Route training
  • Available resources

Tutors are asked to cover the cost of the resource manual, which is $35. This fee includes a one-year membership in the agency.

Literacy Assistant
Assist a literacy trainer in a classroom setting (e.g. Literacy Basic Skills, Basic Computer, or occupational curriculum).

Administrative Assistant
Help out by performing various clerical tasks in our office.

Board Member
Be a board member.

Guest Speaker
Share your talents by giving a presentation on your area of expertise.

Be a volunteer in one of the various fundraising challenges of Tri-County Literacy Council. Perhaps you have an idea and would like to spearhead a fundraising event or campaign. The agency operates on minimal funds and ideas like yours help give the gift of literacy to others.

If you would like to support literacy by volunteering, please fill out the application form below.

A Few Words from our Volunteers

“Thank you for the opportunity to help in this way. Knowledge is meant to be shared.”
-Lia Linderman

“The support that the Tri-County Literacy Council provides to our community is nothing less than invaluable. From the beginning, I immediately felt the need for such a program and that I was needed to help make it work. I am now the proud tutor of two amazing women who are wonderfully committed to reaching their own literacy goals. I am so grateful to be helping them in their journey. TCLC also offers the tutors opportunities to improve our own skills with their very informative Tea and Talk sessions, and so we get the chance to learn as well. The Council continues to give me so much more than I give it: the intrinsic rewards of helping someone are priceless, and I am privileged to be reaping those, and being part of an organization that does such fine work.”
– Mary McQuillan

“I’ve been volunteering at Tri-County Literacy Council for a few hours a week since November, 2010. Helping someone improve his or her literacy and numeracy skills is both enjoyable and deeply rewarding. The most rewarding part of the experience for me is witnessing the growth in confidence and self-esteem as learners develop their strengths and learn new skills.”
-Wendy Coneybeare

Volunteer Application Form