You Can Make a Difference

Often, people see our ads and would like to sign up for free courses. But, they are afraid to take that first step and call for more information or to register. There are many reasons for this. It could be that they:

  • have been out of school for a while
  • feel shame is attached to literacy
  • question if the training will really help them meet their goal
  • and other personal reasons

By sharing your Tri-County Literacy Council experience and providing a testimonial (written article or recording), you can make a difference in these people’s lives. What you have to say about the training you received, your teacher, or the agency may be the deciding factor in whether they will contact us or not. Help them meet their goals and take advantage of this valuable FREE training.

We invite you to provide feedback using the form at the bottom of this page. Depending on the information you provide, a testimonial may be developed (like those below).

We also welcome audio testimonials. If you would like to show your community support and promote literacy by providing an audio testimonial, simply record your message using your home computer and microphone, then email it to the agency or book an appointment to do this at our office.

Your valuable feedback is much appreciated.

A Few Words from Our Learners

BrandonSecord_cert1Brandon Secord
Warehouse Worker / Material Handler
graduate June 2014

Brandon’s Message: Brandon wants you to know that you’ll enjoy the training at the Literacy Council.

  1. Introduction – Listen
  2. How did you decide to take this training? – Listen
  3. Did you like the course? – Listen
  4. Do you feel the course prepared you for work? – Listen

curtisBrandstetterCurtis Brandstetter
Food Counter Attendant & Kitchen Helper
graduate – June 2014

Curtis’ Message: Hear what Curtis has to say about this popular program. – Listen

Andrea Thompson
Material Handler graduate – June 2014
Andrea’s Message: “A big thank to the staff at Tri-County Literacy Council, for the information and support about the Warehouse Worker training program. I recommend this course to others. It helped me get a job at Food Basics. I have let everyone know that the courses at the Literacy Council are an excellent way of finding a job that suits you – and its FREE training! THANK YOU Tri-County Literacy Council.”

Laura Henderson
Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance graduate – May 2014
Hired at a landscaping business
Laura’s Message: “I am very happy with my training at Tri-County Literacy Council.  Our instructor prepared us well and recommended me for a job at graduation that was a great fit.  Going back into the workforce, after taking time out to raise my family, was really scary and I just didn’t have the training and confidence to do it, until I took this training. I am very grateful to Carol Anne and the Literacy Council for the difference they made to my life.”

Michael Stemmler
Warehouse Worker/Material Handler graduate – May 2014
Hired at a warehouse
Michael’s Message: “When I first entered the course, I didn’t know what to expect. But once the course started, I learned quite a lot! Getting my Forklift Training and Propane Handling certificates really helped me stand out when I applied to SCM/Walmart warehouse through Kensington Park Recruitment agency. And, I received the FREE training thanks to Tri-County Literacy Council!”

Darryl McGilvery
Warehouse Worker/Material Handler graduate – March 2014
Hired at a warehouse
Darryl’s Message: I am relatively new to Cornwall (just over a year now). During this year, I had a very hard time finding work on my own and was starting to fall into a rut and give up. Then one day, I got a call from my Ontario Works counsellor telling me about a FREE course at Tri-County Literacy Council for Warehouse Worker. I immediately jumped on the opportunity. But what would happen next was more exciting. After just a few days, I knew the Literacy Council was the place for me. After a few weeks, my transferable skills began to sharpen and I was back with the program – mathematically and so on. For me, the course worked.

It was a blessing in every sense of the word, because it motivated me and made me reconnect with the working world again. I knew I could find work and was worth someone’s time. My teacher Nancy was amazing – a real gem that I consider a friend. I will always be grateful to Tri-County Literacy Council and Nancy and so will my wife and 4 boys, as shortly after completing the course, I found a great job at Benson, thanks to my hard work and the Literacy Council’s recommendation.

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